2018 Global Media Guide

A Mosaic

There’s something deeply appealing about a mosaic. From ancient Roman murals made from stained glass to the stunning Indian floor patterns made of bright-colored flower petals, the concept of something big and beautiful born from small individual pieces transcends cultures and borders.

The Amway business, too, is a mosaic. It’s a colorful compendium of people of different backgrounds and countries, desires and aspirations and of products and ingredients sourced from around the world. This year’s media guide aims to capture stories, sights and soundbites of the global experience. Throughout the guide, you’ll see images of Amway Business Owners and photos they’ve shared on social media. Paired with stories sourced from around the world, this year’s media guide captures the international mosaic that is… @Amway.

Amway At-A-Glance

There has never been a better time for the Amway Business than right now—and we're proud to have been named in 2017 as the world's NO. 1 Direct Selling Business*






Countries & Territories


Unique Products

*Ranked by the DSN Global 100. June 2017 edition. Based on 2016 reveneus.

USD in 2017 Sales



Beauty & Personal Care



Harnessing the power of plants

Nutrilite supplements combine the ‘best of nature’ and the ‘best of science’ resulting in safe, high quality vitamins and dietary supplements.

The Nutrilite product portfolio of vitamins and dietary supplements features ingredients made from plants grown on Amway certified organic farms in the U.S., Brazil and Mexico. In total, Amway owns nearly 6,000 acres of farmland that supply ingredients used in many Nutrilite products.

Nutrilite™ is the world’s #1 selling vitamins and dietary supplement brand.*

Amway Nutrition Animated Image
*Euromoniter International Limited, euromonitor.com/amway-claims


Nutrilite™ vitamin and mineral tablets and soft gels are sold annually.

Top-Selling Nutrilite™ Products

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You should know:

  • Complete protein source containing all nine essential amino acids.

  • One 10g serving delivers 8g of high-quality protein without all of the fat, calories and cholesterol found in other forms of protein such as eggs, meat and poultry.

  • Crafted from a blend of wheat, soy and peas – a good fit for vegetarians, lactose-intolerant, or anyone interested in boosting their protein intake

  • Easily digestible and has no added flavors, making it easy to sprinkle into a variety of foods and beverages

Nutrilite All Plant Protein Powder

Nutrilite All Plant Protein Powder

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You should know:

  • Includes a comprehensive and balanced range of micronutrients that contains 12 essential vitamins, 10 essential minerals and 22 plant concentrates
  • Represents all five colors of the phytonutrient spectrum
  • Contains a new and improved purple phytonutrient blend – the phyto color in which modern day people are most deficient
  • Small, easy-to-swallow tablets
Nutrilite Double X Triple X Dietary Supplement

Nutrilite Double X Triple X Dietary Supplement

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You should know:

  • One tablet provides more vitamin C (500mg) than 7 oranges.
  • Was designed to provide slow, steady nutrient release over an eight-hour period
  • Research has shown that vitamin C supports normal immune system function as a component of white blood cells
  • Supports normal collagen formation for healthy skin, teeth and gums
  • Protects cells from excess oxidative stress
Nutrilite Vitamin C Plus

Nutrilite Vitamin C Plus

Infused with nature, perfected by science

Founded by Edith Rehnborg, a trailblazer for entrepeneurial woman, Artistry today has become a top-selling premium beauty brand.

The Artistry™ brand was born out of a love for beauty and healthy well-being. We offer a ground breaking, holistic approach to beauty with a belief that “Each woman is an individual like no other, a self-made work of art”

Artistry is among the world’s top 10, largest selling, premium skincare brands.*

Amway Beauty Animated Image
*Euromonitor International Limited, euromonitor.com/amway-claims


Beauty and personal care products are sold annually.

Top-Selling Artistry™ Products

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You should know:

  • Part of a high-performing, restoring Artistry Skincare System, this product is designed to rejuvenate skin’s youthful appearance morning to night.
  • The softening and conditioning formula hydrates skin, plus increases the delivery of serums and other treatment products into the skin.
  • This product helps skin naturally seal in more of its own moisture for a softer, smoother look.
  • The ingredient Japanese Lilyturf helps strengthen the skin and maintain optimum moisture levels.


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You should know:

  • In only two weeks, 93% of women experienced a reduction in visible crow’s-feet after using this eye cream.
  • This formula is made specifically for the delicate skin around the eye area to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • The unique combination of conditioners, antioxidants, and soothing agents feature African baobab fruit extract plus black currant, green acerola cherry, and other botanicals, some grown on our own Nutrilite organic farms.
  • A powerful antioxidant complex in this product helps skin around eyes look vibrant and refreshed.


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You should know:

  • This product reduces all visible signs of aging in the eye area, from fine lines and wrinkles to under-eye bags and sagging eyelids.
  • In just 3 days of usage the eye area looks younger, firmer, and brighter.
  • Artistry scientists searched the globe to identify a species of Gardenia whose stem cells held extraordinary regenerative abilities for this product.
  • The Green acerola cherry extract comes from our own Nutrilite organic farms to help protect the skin from the harmful and age-accelerating effects of environmental damage.


Healthy Homes, Healthy Planet

Amway helps to make homes cleaner and safer with high-performing products for water and air purification, cooking and cleaning needs.

Many people don’t realize the first Amway product, a biodegradable, environmentally sensitive home cleaning product, paved the way for the company’s current home products. From phosphate-free laundry detergent to environmentally sensitive cleaning products, Amway home products are safe for the whole family.

ESPRING is the worlds #1 selling brand of home water treatment systems.*

Amway Home Care Animated Image
*Based on a Verify Markets study of 2016 global sales.


Amway Home products are sold annually.

Top-Selling Home Products

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You should know:

  • Homes and cars are not safe havens from outdoor airborne contaminants unless they benefit from an air treatment system.
  • If you plan to run your air treatment system 24 hours a day, noise is a consideration. Listen to several units before you buy.
  • Air treatment systems are designed to work continuously, so it makes sense to choose a system that blends high performance with energy efficiency. Energy Star® certified appliances like the Atmosphere™ Brand are excellent choices.
  • An air treatment system can be a big investment, so do your research to ensure yourself of a quality purchase. Make sure the system comes with a good warranty and that replacement parts are easy to get.


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You should know:

  • Our Smart Chip Technology monitors the use of your eSpring™ Filter and lets you know exactly when you need to replace it – after 5,000 liters or one year.
  • Our U.S. patented carbon block filter effectively removes more than 140 contaminants that could potentially affect your health, while keeping beneficial minerals like magnesium and calcium in your water.
  • The ultraviolet light in our eSpring™ Water Treatment System sets us apart from competitors, destroying waterborne pathogens without chemicals.
  • In one year, your eSpring™ unit’s cartridge can filter the equivalent of 10,000 bottles of water.


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You should know:

  • More than 40 of our Home Care™ products have qualified for the Safer Choice
    designation, including Amway Home™ Dish Drops Ultra-concentrated dishwashing liquid.
  • Safer Choice recognition sets us apart from other “green” home cleaning products. Our products go through a stringent product review process to achieve Safer Choice recognition.
  • Amway’s partnership with the U.S. EPA provides objective third-party confirmation
    that our products not only deliver premium performance but are also safer for human health and the environment.
  • Amway Home™ products (including Legacy of Clean) give consumers more value for their money. Many consumers prefer “green” products and regard third-party certifications as important considerations towards their purchasing decision.


Xperience More

XS Energy is more than just an energy drink and sports nutrition brand. It’s a fresh approach to business.

XS Energy is giving Amway Business Owners a creative, adventurous outlet to build an Amway business and a brand around action, adventure and fitness. It’s an XSperience that can’t be found anywhere else.

“The line between work and play is disappearing, blending in with a lifestyle that says work should be more than a way of making a living.”
– David Vanderveen

XS Energy is the first exlusively sugar-free energy drink brand sold globally.*

Amway Energy + Sport Animated Image
*Euromonitor International Limited, euromonitor.com/amway-claims


Sales growth in 2017.

How Amway Uses Technology to Fuel Its Global Network

From the beginning, the promise of Amway has never wavered. Amway helps anyone with the entrepreneurial spirit—and the desire—to build a business of their own.

The outcome is people who are more in control and empowered to make choices for themselves. It means that their business revolves around their life, instead of their life revolving around their business.

That outcome is more important today than ever before. Today’s entrepreneurs want to run their businesses, from wherever they are. They want data and tools that are only a swipe away and they want to sell products that are digitally connected. Amway offers all this.

The company is also complementing its customer service staff with digital interactions (chats, bots, etc.), as well as instant messaging for customer service to respond to ABO and customer needs however the individual prefers.

Amway recently invested $70M USD in mobile apps for Amway Business Owners.

Amway Digital Tools Animated Image


Responses by Amway Customer Service Reps per year


Invested in Digital Customer Service Experience

Discovery & Innovation

Our scientists are taking discovery and innovation to the next level.

Our global family of nearly 1,000 scientists, engineers and technicians work with leading universities, science institutes and advisory boards to conduct world-class research and product development.

While efforts behind some segments of product development research are kept secret for competitive purposes, others warrant a different approach: sharing. Whether it’s submitting our research for publication in scientific journals, applying for a new patent or opening the results of a study for public domain, Amway R&D believes in the importance of sharing in an effort to advance scientific research as a whole.

Amway R & D Animated Image



Advanced degrees held by our R&D scientists


Patents Held Worldwide


Quality tests performed per year

Farming How It's Meant To Be

Amway operates nearly 6,000 acres of certified organic farmland and employs more than 200 scientists in research labs across the globe. We grow, harvest and process the plants on our farms, and we use strict quality standards to ensure that only the highest-quality plants are used to make ingredients for our products.

Rather than relying on harmful chemicals, our farms rely on a variety of natural methods to keep the plants healthy and the ground fertile. One example is five tons of worms that are farmed to provide rich nutrients that enrich the soil. In a healthy worm farm, the worms process the equivalent of their own weight each day. Their waste, or castings, is collected by watering and draining the worm beds multiple times. The result is 260,000 liters of nutrient-rich liquid humus a year, key to fertilizing the farm’s organic crops destined for ingredients in our nutrition and beauty products.

The farm team also makes their own organic fertilizer from a formula of alfalfa, water, milk and special strains of bacteria. This, combined with the worm farm’s liquid humus, is the only fertilizer that’s spread on the fields. That gives us all the benefits of traditional farming methods, but it’s all natural.

Similar methods are used at our farms in Trout Lake, Washington, USA, where the farms are irrigated using nutrient-rich water runoff from the nearby glacier; and at the farm in Ubajara, Brazil, the site of our largest acerola cherry farm.


Amway Organic Farms Animated Image


6 continents, 750+ places and spaces, millions of Amway Business Owners. With such a large global footprint, it’s no surprise to see Amway wherever you are in the world.


USD Invested in new manufacturing and R&D facilities in the last six years.


Manufacturing facilities and processing plants

Amway Footprint Animated Image
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Certified Organic Farms
  • Distribution/Warehousing

Work Where You Want, When You Want.

Our Values

At Amway, we’re always looking toward the future – embracing new ideas and generations of business owners by embracing our Founders’ Fundamentals: Freedom, Family, Hope and Reward. These fundamentals are the foundation of our business, meant to guide and inspire us to continue to move forward helping people live healthier, more empowered lives.

Amway Business Owners Participated in 5M+ Online learning activities in 2017.

Amway About Amway Animated Image

Amway's Business Model


USD in bonuses and incentives paid to ABOS since 1959


Satisfaction guarantee on Amway products and the business opportunity


People around the world earning extra income as Amway Business Owners


A big solution in a small package

Amway has taken on the task of helping address the issue of childhood malnutrition through its own unique solution, Nutrilite™ Little Bits™. Based on the World Health Organization’s recommendations, Nutrilite™ Little Bits™ is a micronutrient supplement enhanced with plant nutrients. Little Bits™ is distributed to families in partnership with humanitarian organizations.

Global donations exceeded $17.2M from Amway Employees and ABOS globally in 2017.

Amway Corporate Responsibility Animated Image

Amway's Volunteer Efforts


Amway Volunteers in 2017.


People helped through Amway Volunteer efforts in 2017


Volunteer hours recorded in 2017

What drives the Entrepreneurial Spirit?

The 2018 Amway Global Entrepreneurship Report (AGER) identifies technology, education and skills as key opportunities to improve the start-up environment for aspiring entrepreneurs.

For 8 years, Amway has conducted global research on entrepeneurship, examining perceptions and attitudes toward building a business. This year’s findings show that there remains room for improvement in supporting entrepeneurship through technology, education and teaching critical skills.

Our 2018 Report surveyed 44 different countries

Amway Entrepreneurship Animated Image

How Entrepreneur-friendly is our world?


Agree that the economic situation is beneficial


Of respondents agree their country has technology available that makes entrepreneurship easier


Agree that the rules and regulations are easy to understand and follow